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A physical interface for digital music

Beep streams music directly from the cloud to your speakers so the tunes keep playing even when a call comes through. As Design Manager, I worked hands-on with the cross-disciplinary teams at New Deal Design to create complementary physical and digital interactions, initial packaging and identity designs before Beep launched their first audio product to market. 




Industrial Design

User Experience Design

Design Management

Packaging Design

Creative Studio

New Deal Design

Mark Serr Photography

Exploring physical and digital interaction designs

How would a customer interact with the product and app throughout their home or office? What controls need to be included on the hardware and what can live within the app? Does the product need a screen?

We studied and evaluated numerous physical and digital interaction models before refining the multi-modal dial solution. Simple, low-cost LEDs beneath the surface provide the users with visual feedback and are hidden when not in use. They slowly pulse when the music is paused, revolve as the volume is adjusted, or sparkle along with your tunes in party mode.

beep controls.png
Beep Device 3q White

A crafted look and feel for the home

With the client's office residing in a maker-district of San Francisco, they were hoping to develop a product that reflected the craftsmanship of their neighborhood rather than develop a stark technological device. 

With a large, mechanical knob and available in copper or gun-metal, Beep devices are an attractive addition to any home audio system.


Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Finalist, Smart Home, 2015

CORE77 Professional Runner Up, 2015

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