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A wearable for babies

Peace of mind for parents

Sproutling helps ease the minds of parents while monitoring the movements of their sleeping baby. With an initial PCB in hand and a vision, they approached the team at New Deal Design to help bring their brand and first product to life.


Through research, ideation, and close collaboration we developed numerous assets including an approachable heart-shaped wearable sensor, an app that guides parents through developmental milestones, logo, brand, and packaging.  




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User Experience Design

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Packaging Design

Creative Studio

New Deal Design

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Iterative prototypes and user testing

To design a wearable monitor that would stay on all night, we prototyped and tested numerous mockups and variables including: internal component layout, placement on the body, and method of attachment. 


We tested these early ideas on a team member's newborn as well as cast samples of babies' feet. We wanted the attachment to reflect a parent's love and care, thus, the band gently swaddles the leg and the heart-shaped sensor keeps watch while your loved one sleeps.

sproutling sketch.png
sprougling main.png

Grow Happy Families

With two band sizes to fit the tiniest newborns and older babies and an app that learns your child's sleeping habits, Sproutling grows with the entire family. 

Fisher Price bought Sproutling not long after we wrapped up our work. 

Sproutling Product Family


TIME: The Best Innovations of 2015

Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Winner, Smart Home, 2015

CES Best of Innovations, Wearable Technology, 2015

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