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Off The Grid Camper

Many people who travel and work out of their RVs and Campervans want to keep their beer cold and laptops charged, even when camping in the middle of nowhere. Off The Grid Camper installs solar and lithium battery systems so his happy campers can "Get Lost and Stay Charged".

Boondocking (camping off-grid) is quite popular in the American Southwest and Baja California. With a cactus setting the horizon and references to the sun, this logo illuminates the possibilities of where your new solar-powered installation can take you.

Our Someday Is Now

Paul and Nancy are semi-retired, full-time RVers who share their tips and tricks of life on the road across their blog and social media accounts. They needed an updated identity to better represent themselves, and the bus they call home, to their audience. 

As this was a rapid project, I quickly explored a couple key concepts: the urgency of "now", their lovely motorcoach, and the activities they enjoy while living on the road.

Lorenz Glass Cleaning

Lorenz Glass Cleaning is a second generation Bay Area based business in need of a revamp.  This design reflects the zig-zag motion made by a squeegee in cleaning the glass and clearing a view while playfully referring to the letter Z in his name. The client feels like a superhero when he shows up to work and scales a building. 

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